5 Out of 5 Stars: More Creative & Time-Saving Options When Utilizing Our Newest Dies

May 17, 2022 12:15:00 PM / by Alyssa Nordmeyer

OMAHA, Neb. – May 17, 2022 – AccuQuilt, a U.S. based organization that manufactures fabric cutting machines and dies, released four new GO! products that produce 5” finished blocks. They can be purchased from the AccuQuilt website or at a local AccuQuilt Retailer.


The new GO! products include the: GO! Qube Mix & Match 5” Block, GO! Qube 5” Companion Set-Corners, GO! Qube 5” Companion Set-Angles, and GO! Setting Triangles-5” Finished Die.


GO! Qube 5" Mix & Match Block
GO! Qube 5" Companion Set-Corners
GO! Qube 5" Companion Set-Angles
GO! Setting Triangles-5" Finished Die


The GO! Qube Mix & Match system provides quilters with everything they need to get started, including eight easy-to-use dies that feature some of the most common geometric shapes used in quilting, such as:

  • Squares
  • Half square triangles
  • Quarter square triangles
  • Parallelograms
  • Rectangles


GO! Qube Mix & Match 5" Block Full Contents
GO! Qube 5" Companion Set-Corners Library
GO! Qube 5" Companion Set-Angles Library


Each GO! Qube Companion Set comes with an additional four geometric dies, and the GO! Setting Triangles Die features corner triangle, side triangle, and setting square shapes on a single die board.


GO! Setting Triangles-5_ Finished Die Board


“With the addition of the 5” Qube system, its Companion Sets, and Setting Triangles, there are now seven GO! Qube finished block sizes quilters can choose from,” said Lynn Gibney, AccuQuilt’s Chief Brand and Product Officer. “No math is ever involved when using these products. The dies effortlessly go through GO! Fabric Cutters, which reduces strain on the body that rotary cutting may cause.”


The GO! Qube Mix & Match 5” Block offers 72 different block designs, and combining it with either the GO! Qube 5” Companion Set-Corners or the GO! Qube 5” Companion Set-Angles increases this to 144 different patterns. However, when the 5” Qube is paired with both of its Companion Sets, quilters have access to 216 different patterns. Additionally, using the GO! Setting Triangles-5” Finished Die allows quilters to set all of these patterns on point. This provides quilters with vast creative possibilities to make a plethora of unique projects.



GO! Qube 5"Companion Set-Corners Free Patterns
GO! Qube 5" Companion Set-Angles Free Patterns



“The great thing about GO! Qubes, their Companion Sets, and Setting Triangles Dies is that quilters of any skill level can readily use them,” said Gibney. “They take away the difficulty of cutting out shapes by hand, and the 5” finished block size is perfect for small piecing or miniature quilts.”


The 5” Qube, its Companion Sets, and the 5” Setting Triangles Die will:

  • Safely, quickly, and accurately cut up to six layers of cotton quilting fabric.
  • Offer dog-eared corners for easy alignment.
  • Account for a quarter-inch seam allowance.
  • Cut a variety of fabrics, including pre-cut.
  • Come with a free cutting mat.
  • Come with free patterns.


Additionally, the GO! Qube Mix & Match 5” Block and its Companion Sets each feature self-contained storage systems as well as a die numbering system to know which shapes are needed for each block.


GO! Follow Your Heart Wall Hanging Free Pattern
GO! Blossom Pillow Pattern
GO! High Five Wall Hanging Free Pattern


Since there are so many different patterns that come with each of these GO! products, Gibney recommends that quilters utilize AccuQuilt’s free design tool, GO! Quilt, to see how color play will affect the outcome of a project before cutting any fabric.



For more information on AccuQuilt and the latest product releases, visit AccuQuilt.com.



Headquartered in Omaha, Neb., AccuQuilt’s mission is to create joy through quilting by providing innovative solutions that make cutting fabric easy, fast, accurate and safe. AccuQuilt also offers quilters a wide variety of rich educational and inspirational resources to enhance their quilting experiences. We are working to inspire makers everywhere to experience the joy of quilting! Cutting with AccuQuilt cutters is a natural evolution of fabric cutting methods. “First scissors...then rotary...finally...AccuQuilt” for fast, easy, accurate fabric cutting.



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