10 Star Quilt Blocks Now Offered after Releasing GO! Prairie Star Die

Dec 7, 2021 1:30:00 PM / by Cayden Crowise

OMAHA, Neb. – December 7, 2021 – AccuQuilt, a fabric cutting machine and die manufacturer, announced the release of their new GO! Die to Try Prairie Star Die. This Block on Board® Die offers a time-saving solution to cutting this quilt block by hand. This exclusive new die is now available for purchase on AccuQuilt’s website while supplies last.

AccuQuilt’s Die to TryDies are launched the first Tuesday of each month. They feature dies developed to make time-consuming quilting blocks easier to tackle. This Block on Board® Die is specially designed to cut one 5-color, 14” finished block in one pass through AccuQuilt’s GO!® and GO! Big® Fabric Cutters as well as the Studio® Fabric Cutter with the appropriate adapter.




This GO! Die to Try Block on Board® Die will:

  • Safely, quickly, and accurately cut up to six layers of fabric.
  • Provide quarter-inch seam allowances and screen-printed letters for easy piecing.
  • Cut specialized dog-eared corners for easy alignment and reduced bulk in the seams.


Makers who purchase one of these limited quantity dies will appreciate the included step-by-step block assembly instructions as well as the four free pattern downloads.

“Star quilt blocks have been very popular throughout history,” said Lynn Gibney, Chief Brand and Product Officer of AccuQuilt. “That’s why offering time-saving solutions to create star quilts has been a top priority for us. In fact, after releasing the GO! Prairie Star Die, we now offer ten different star varieties to help our quilting community sew perfect points every time!”

Quilters who are ready to take their projects to the next level will be excited about the GO! Prairie Star Die. That is because it contains 18 different shapes as well as Y-seams – allowing them to learn a new technique.

“Y-seams have a bit of a bad reputation, but I promise they’re really quite easy with a little practice,” said Gibney. “AccuQuilt has created some very helpful resources to help quilters of all levels gain the confidence they need to expand their quilting possibilities.”

Gibney suggests that quilters who are interested in mastering quilting with Y-seams check out AccuQuilt’s how-to video on YouTube. She also recommends that quilters who are unfamiliar with the fabric cutting system check out their AccuQuilt Live GO! Basket of Lilies video to learn more about Y-seams and how AccuQuilt can save you time.


For more information on AccuQuilt and the latest product releases, visit AccuQuilt.



Headquartered in Omaha, Neb., AccuQuilt’s mission is to create joy through quilting by providing innovative solutions that make cutting fabric easy, fast, accurate and safe. AccuQuilt also offers quilters a wide variety of rich educational and inspirational resources to enhance their quilting experiences. We are working to inspire makers everywhere to experience the joy of quilting! Cutting with AccuQuilt cutters is a natural evolution of fabric cutting methods. “First scissors...then rotary...finally...AccuQuilt®” for fast, easy, accurate fabric cutting.



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Cayden Crowise

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